The Economics of Tourism Destinations

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In his new book The Economics of Tourism Destinations, Professor Norbert
Vanhove sums up current economic thinking in the area of tourism. His approach
is quite different from the usual way knowledge is produced in this field, which is
to a great extent devoted to business administration aspects and in particular to
This book is an ideal introduction to the economics of tourism. Its systematic
development of the theme is highly persuasive. It includes everything that an
expert in the field of tourism needs to know about the basic economics involved.
Furthermore, it brings the reader up to date with the latest thinking in the
ongoing scientific debate in this sector.
The author also makes a convincing presentation of the methodology and
instruments most commonly employed in current tourism analysis. The reader
will find the latest thinking on forecasting and the compilation of statistical data
in tourism. It even includes an analysis of the tourism satellite accounts in the
national economy, as well as various case studies of forecasting models.
Professor Vanhove is an economist specializing in tourism and regional development
who is equally at home with theory and practice.
His book thus makes a
particular effort to explain the factors that make for the success and competitiveness
of a destination.
He is indeed one of the leading specialists in this field.
It is worth noting too that the author evaluates the impact of tourism projects
at the macro-economic as well as the micro level, on the basis of many years’
experience. One of the undoubted strengths of this book is his ability to go to the
heart of the subject and illuminate the reader regarding all the essentials.
Professor Peter Keller
President of the International Association of Scientific Tourism Experts

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